electric motor E-Jahanro


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electric motor E-Jahanro


Inspired by the CFMOTO NK heritage, the lightweight 250NK is an ideal and agile ride powered by a potent and stable engine. Its single-cylinder engine offers excellent fuel efficiency. Inheriting the NK family genes, it’s sporty, maneuverable and easy to handle. What you get is a bike that’s easy to put your feet down at a stoplight and a blast to ride the moment it turns green, all at a price that you will approve.


ظرفیت باتری 72 ولت 40 آمپر

ترمز جلو دیسک
ترمز جلو دیسک

حداکثر سرعت 72 کیلومتر

حداکثر توان 4000 وات

کارت باشگاه مشتریان

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